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Ruth Baker

May 28, 2013

Herbal Medicine (Western)

Ruth Baker

Herbal medicine is the use of whole plant extracts to help treat the symptoms and causes of ill-health, and was the main form of health care until the advent of pharmaceutical drugs. There are written records of plants being used as medicine dating back thousands of years, and in many parts of the world people still largely depend on medicinal plants. Modern herbal medicine, also known as Phytotherapy, combines traditional knowledge and practice with scientific research into the therapeutic effects of plant medicine.

I trained in Western Herbal Medicine for four years, and graduated with a BSc in Herbal Medicine. This training included orthodox medical skills, clinical practice and a detailed knowledge of medicinal plants.

Neal’s Yard in Bath has a wide range of medicinal tinctures and dried herbs which can be dispensed in the shop. If you are looking for help with specific symptoms, you can have a short chat with me in private, and where possible I can write a prescription for you. If your condition is more complex I may advise a consultation. If you are taking prescribed drugs, I can choose herbs which do not interact with your medication.


BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

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National Institute of Herbal Medicine

Royal Society of Medicine

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