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Rebecca Davis

June 16, 2017

Family Constellation Therapy / Systemic Coaching and Shiatsu

About Rebecca

I’m a body therapist and use the disciplines of Shiatsu and Family Constellation to bypass the mind and listen to what your body knows. I’ve been practising Shiatsu bodywork since 1998, teaching Shiatsu at practitioner and post-graduate level since 2006, and more recently trained in Family Constellation / Systemic coaching work to bring an awareness of ancestral lines and inherited blocks to my practice.

I use being outside in nature, yoga, quiet time alone, study and personal insight to develop and deepen my life understanding and my professional work. From a young age I have had a deep interest in people’s stories and experience of what it means to be human, and how we can adapt and emerge from very difficult times.

About the work

Shiatsu bodywork is a healing and relaxing touch therapy where you can be profoundly met on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. I work within a broad range – from stress and body tension, emotional trauma and life issues to illness and post-operative support. My specialisation is women’s health, but I also work with men, bringing a deep tenderness to the difficulties of being human and to man/woman issues. It’s a one hour session, either one-
off or ongoing.

Family Constellation / Systemic Coaching is a way of exploring any question relating to yourself, current relationships, generational family issues, illness, or work life. I practice individual constellations where you name the issue that you want to explore – some examples are relationships with creativity, money, self-esteem, mothers, fathers, children, anger. Your body wisdom directs the process, with often surprising new information coming up and unconscious emotions becoming conscious. It can have a powerful and life changing effect, especially because it is a felt body experience. It’s a one-off, two hour session where I hold a safe space for you.


Bristol School of Shiatsu 1998

Sarasi Roger’s Family Constellation Masterclass Training 2012

Professional Bodies

Registered practitioner and teacher MRSS(T) with The Shiatsu Society (UK).

Days at Neal’s Yard

Mondays 2pm until 6.00pm






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