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Monika Jakiel-Rusin

January 21, 2016

BioScan, Dietetics, Nutritional Counselling & Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, and Personal Fitness Training

I am Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and I have been passionate about the importance of a healthy diet since I was a child. After I had completed my GCSE levels,  I lived in the U.S.A for a year whilst completing my TOEFL qualification and I was very concerned by the growing level of obesity there. At that point I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to helping others take control of their own health and improve their own lives, and this is the goal I have pursued in my career to date.
In the UK, I studied at Bath Spa University and graduated with a 2:1 Honours BSc degree in Diet and Health. I also completed a Masters degree in Dietetics at the Medical University of Silesia in Poland, (certified by the UK NARIC). I have delivered many lectures and nutrition talks, based on my own research and new scientific findings. I have 9 year experience in dietary and nutritional counselling working with disease prevention and health improvement. I work with people to improve their weight management, gut health, metabolic syndrome, food allergies and intolerances, mental wellbeing and sports nutrition. I work with both adults and children and with pregnant and lactating women.

I am currently working as a Community Dietitian for Great Western Hospital in Swindon providing a nutrition and dietetic service for a range of community services to include intermediate care, community hospital inpatients, and outpatient clinics for both adults and children. I strive for the delivery of excellent patient care through education, and the empowerment of patients, their family and/or carers.

I have also worked on a voluntary basis with Sirona Healthcare and Off the Records Centre with parents, children and whole families to improve nutrition and lifestyle. I found this work extremely rewarding and inspirational. It is important to me as an individual to be able to care for others.

I acknowledge that people are individual and that dietetic interventions and support need to be tailored to suit the person and their own situation. Therefore, I completed a three-day Psychology of Eating course giving me a good foundation in understanding people’s choices and appropriate behaviour change. Being aware of a person’s willingness to change and gauging the level of motivation affects my approach. In working with parents and their children I found that the family dynamic often compounded issues surrounding behavioural change. By taking a relaxed and empathetic approach I engaged with the families, sometimes guiding small changes yielding significant results. I gained confidence in my communication and behavioural change skills when parents returned to compliment and thank me for really helping.



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